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The Loire River In France 5" Square LLE050504 (push-in)

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Dawn The Loire River In France Series Shower Square 5" Drain (Push-in)

Model Number: LLE050504

List Price: $103.00


Material: 304 Type Stainless Steel

Gauge: 14

Finish: Polished Satin

Overall Size: 5-1/4" L x 5-1/4" W x 3-3/8" D

Drain: 2"

Optional Accessories:

Description Model Number List Price
Cast Iron Shower Drain Base SDB060205 $52.00
PVC Shower Drain Base SDB040206 $47.00
Shower Drain Gasket                           DGS000200              $31.00              
Hair & Debris Strainer  SDDF48000 $13.00
Shower Drain Hook SDHK02004 $9.00

*Download Shower Drain Installation Diagram Link